Wir wollen verschwinden

  • 2018

  • One week stand

  • Performance

We are supposed to be identifiable, public and available. But we want to disappear. Disappear into the flora and fauna of the wild landscape of our material and immaterial identities. To get in touch with what shapes and constitutes us, but is not accessible to us: to immerse ourselves in another consciousness. In this constantly moving world full of silhouettes, contours disappear, change and transform. Boundaries between bodies and space, individual and community, present and past dissolve.

WIR WOLLEN VERSCHWINDEN creates an intense physical visual experience: What shows itself? What do we identify with? Is it possible to see without attributing meaning to what we see? What becomes visible when performers become invisible on stage? When they disappear to be there in a new and different way?

For WIR WOLLEN VERSCHWINDEN, the MichaelDouglas collective has developed the camouflage technique work of choreographer Özlem Alkiş. The choreography creates a physical mode of communication that draws inspiration from non-human, organic and instinctive processes. Composer Tian Rotteveel creates a soundscape that combines sound, movement and space. Dance artist Jared Gradinger invited the performers to engage with their own shadow selves. As an essential part of the research and development process, the members of the collective were individually hypnotised by Jared Gradinger. With the help of hypnosis, they explored their hidden selves.

In his work, Gradinger searches for possibilities of dissolving and dissolving identity and for new forms of coexistence. WIR WOLLEN VERSCHWINDEN is the first artistic process in which he makes hypnosis productive.

Artistic direction Özlem Alkis
Dance Douglas Bateman, Susanne Grau, Michael Maurissens, Sabina Perry, Adam Ster
Production assistance Maria Mercedes Flores
Sound dramaturgy Tian Rotteveel
Conceptual guidance Jared Gradinger
Dramaturgy Lucie Ortmann
Project management Jari Ortwig
Technical direction Michael Blattmann
Consulting PR/Communication Jessica Otten
Produktion Assistenz Nikos Konstantakis
Co-production tanzhaus nrw
 Kulturamt Stadt Köln, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW, Kunststiftung NRW.

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