One week stand | Camouflage - revisited

  • 2018

  • One week stand

  • Performance

The format "One Week Stand" is a research project in which the Michael Douglas collective invites selected artists and experts from other disciplines for a period of just one week. During this week, the collective explores instinctive creativity in the process of artistic creation and explores the possibilities of dance in a very limited period of time. The performances that conclude the week-long rehearsals are followed by talks with the audience.

CAMOUFLAGE – REVISITED von Özlem Alkiş focuses on the gesture of hiding behind the material, into the darkness. Camouflage as a biological phenomenon to test our perception. In this funny world darkness, silhouettes, materials and movements keep forming. What does this system of hiding tell us? What is visible in this invisibility?

Choreography Özlem Alkis
Dance Douglas Bateman, Susanne Grau, Michael Maurissens, Sabina Perry, Adam Ster

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