• 2017

  • Performance

  • Participation

  • One week stand

Oscillating, pulsating, red, huge and 221.13 light years away from the sun of our solar system: the star Zaurak in the Eridanus constellation is the name and impetus for the new work of the Michael Douglas Collective. The starting point is an artistic research on the perception of time and space and on the fundamental connection of man with the cosmos. How can we develop ideas about phenomena such as black holes or dark matter? How is our understanding of the universe, astronomy, astrology and spirituality changing? And could we even make the inaccessible accessible through dance?

For the second time, the MichaelDouglas Collective has invited choreographer Prue Lang, who danced in the ensemble of Meryl Tankard's Australian Dance Theatre and as a formative stage personality with William Forsythe's Ballett Frankfurt, for a collaboration. In ZAURAK she develops choreographic arrangements that are connected like five points of a star. Six dancers explore the limits of their bodies with movement and the potential of their commonality.

Concept and artistic direction Prue Lang
Choreography Prue Lang together with the dancers
Dance Susanne Grau, Sabina Perry, Douglas Bateman, Michael Maurissens, Louella May Hogan, Adam Ster
Light Tanja Rühl
Sound Adam Ster, Mark Pedersen
Dramaturgy Lucie Ortmann
Production management Mara Nedelcu
Technical direction Marcel Göhmann
Assistance Nikos Konstantakis

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