The Exchange

  • 2016

  • Architecture

  • Participation

  • Dialogue

An interactive project on the theme of conflict
How do we as individuals influence the extent of violence in the world through our thoughts and actions?

With THE EXCHANGE, author, performer and conflict expert Dana Caspersen and the MichaelDouglas Kollektiv invite interested people to enter into a choreographic, public exchange that has no audience but is borne solely by the participation of the participants. THE EXCHANGE is a participatory project that brings people from different backgrounds and generations into exchange who might otherwise never have met. It offers a framework for physical experience while reflecting on individual and global mechanisms of violence. THE EXCHANGE thus offers a new way of entering into a public dialogue, an interactive event that stirs up, forces reflection, provokes attitudes.

Concept Dana Caspersen, MichaelDouglas Kollektiv
With Douglas Bateman, Michael Maurissens, Inma Rubio, Adam Ster, Sabina Perry, Susanne Grau
Co-production PACT Zollverein (Essen)
Support Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes NRW, Kunststiftung nrw, Kulturamt der Stadt Köln

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