Street vs. Stage

  • 2016

  • Urban Dance

  • Performance

  • Participation

STREET vs. STAGE brings together two teams of dancers. The urban dancers on one side, the contemporary dancers on the other. Each team has to face different tasks in different rounds. In the first round, the urban and contemporary dancers show their own style to music played at random by a DJ. In the second round, the dancers are given even more challenging tasks to integrate into their dance. In the third round, both teams merge into improvised duets.

Which team masters what best? The audience votes for the most convincing team round by round.

Concept MichaelDouglas Kollektiv & nutrospektif
Choreography & Performance Susanne Grau, Michael Maurissens, Douglas Bateman, Adam Ster, Sabina Perry, Bahar Götken, Daniela Mba, Frieda Frost, Daniela Rodriguez, Yeliz Pazar and guests

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