approaching grace


What is our skin made of?

Was does it react to and how does it protect us.

The last barrier between the soul and the physical word that surrounds. The skin defines the shell of our outer form, Approaching Grace questions the ability to define and inhabit the shapes that we show.
Approaching Grace was the first project of the 2009 founded MichaelDouglas Kollektiv, in their collaboration both Michael Maurissens and Douglas Bateman set each other tasks and experiments to create a completely individual work.

Choreography | Stage Douglas Bateman & Michael Maurissens
Dance Douglas Bateman, Sabina Perry, Adam Ster, Flavia Tabarrini
Music Greg Haines


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Premiere 26 November 2009, Bühne der Kulturen, Cologne

funded by

SK Stiftung Kultur
Kulturamt der Stadt Köln


Photo © Michael Maurissens