Corpus Spiritus

  • 2011

  • Performance

“Haaaaahh-groans, groans, gasps. The restless souls suffer: They want their bodies back. Heads covered, the six dancers of the MichaelDouglas collective carry their black silhouettes around in Cologne's Halle Kalk. Witching hour on the dance stage.

The Austrian choreographer Georg Reischl has created "Corpus Spiritus" for the ensemble made up of former members of the pretty ugly tanz köln company. In it he plays with the separation of body and spirit to give their happy union in dance a ghostly, lightly flowing form...The choreography is pure movement haunting, full of self-irony, wit and intelligence"
Bettina Trouwborst, “tanz”, August/September 2011

CORPUS SPIRITUS explores the duality of body and mind and shows its suspension through dance. Choreographer Georg Reischl, former in-house choreographer of the Dutch Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and Forsythe dancer, describes his work as a body study of the invisible. The global idea of the human being as body and spirit inspires him and the dancer with exactly this duality is at the centre of the choreography. Reischl lets two worlds emerge from this: One that represents the physical, the visible, the human and one that deals with the invisible, the spiritual, the divine.

Choreography | Stage Georg Reischl
Sabina Perry, Flavia Tabarrini, Douglas Bateman, Michael Maurissens, Adam Ster, Johanna Kasperowitsch
Music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Adam Ster, David Blake, Adele
Costume Benjamin Klunker
Assistant to the choreographer Jan Rothstein Production assistant Irina Castillo
Press relations Christina Elsner

Premiere: 27.05.2011

Funded by the Oper and Schauspiel Köln in collaboration with the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, funded by the Kunststiftung NRW, SK Stiftung Kultur and the Ministerium für Familie, Kinder, Jugend, Kultur und Sport des Landes NRW and supported by the Kulturamt Stadt Köln.

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