The city of Arnsberg developed a TANZLAND concept for the whole of Hochsauerland with the MichaelDouglas Kollektiv. There is an audience interested in dance, but according to a study by the Landesbüro Tanz NRW, the “Dance in its artistic form does not play a role” in the municipalities of the region. The kollektiv, which develops pieces and festivals with a strong relationship to architecture and fine arts, offers four guest performances in the Sauerland Theater from 2018 to 2020.

Program 2019:

Do 22.8 | 17:30
Getanzte Stadtführung  Kunstsommer Arnsberg
Fr 23.8 | 17:30
Getanzte Stadtführung  
Kunstsommer Arnsberg

Sa 24.8 | 19:30
STREET vs STAGE – on tour with you with nutrospektif
Kunstsommer Arnsberg
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Sa 31.08 
‘The body as archive’ – Filmscreening
Kunstverein Arnsberg

14. – 20.10
Wir wollen verschwinden” Film- und Performanceworkshop
KunstWerk Arnsberg

Sa 23.11 | 19:30
Loving Losing Loving Living by Vivienne Newport
Sauerland Theater