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Maria Mercedes Flores

Valerie Ebuwa performer, devisor, teacher, mentor and writer based in London. She received her BA Hons degree from London Contemporary Dance School in 2014.

Katarina Brestovica

nutrospektif is an all female urban dance collective based in Cologne & Düsseldorf/ Germany.

Louella May Hogan is a freelance dancer living in Melbourne, Australia. She is a member of the Prue Lang choreographic research group “PLANT” and recently danced in Rebecca Jensen & Sarah Aikens ‘UNDERWORLD’ and William Forsythe’s ‘One Flat Thing Reproduced’ presented by STRUT. She joined us for “Zaurak”.

Karoline Stryss worked as an apprentice during the creation of “Here is you ad not me” she also translated and worked on texts. She graduated from the ZZT and works with Maria Golding and Tacky Habits.

Inma Rubio Tomas is a dancer and choreographer, since 1999 a collaborator with Tony Rizzi and 2008 guest artist with The Forsythe Company. She joined us for ‘Serenade me’, ‘ONE WEEK STAND | GOB SQUAD’, ‘Here is you and not me’, ‘Telling Stories’, ‘The Exchange’ and ‘The Polarity Party’.

Bryndis Brynjolfsdottir is a dancer, painter and photographer she dances for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam. In 2012 she was named as one of Europe’s top 100 dancers by Dance Europe Magazine. She joined us for ‘Serenade me’.

Kristina Veit is a dancer and choreographer she is one of the main co-ordinators of ID_Frankfurt and Tanzpanorama a festival for freelance work in Frankfurt. She joined us for ONE WEEK STAND | ARCHITECTURAL THINKING TOOLS.

Flavia Tabarrini is a founding member of the Kollektiv, no longer performing Flavia teaches training and workshops for the Kollekitiv. She specializes in injury prevention with Gyrotonic®, Gyrokinesis® and Yamuna Body Rolling®.



Jared Gradinger is working as a dancer, choreographer, actor, director, curator, dramaturg and teacher in Berlin and abroad. In 2008, he he shifted his focus to develop his work independently and through other collaborations.

Özlem Alkis is born in Istanbul, lives and works in Cologne. She creates her works in transdiciplinary formats and collaborations in the intersection of Visual art, Music and Dance. She directed ‘wir wollen verschwinden’.

Dana Caspersen is conflict analyst, choreographer and performer and sees conflict as a source of opportunity. She explores choreographic practice as a possible method with which to discover the potential of complex social conflicts and then adapts them as a communication tool in the context of social tension. Her practice includes lectures, workshops and public choreographic dialogues.

Angela Schubot & Jared Gradinger are Berlin based creators and perfomers who met working for Constanza Macras. They worked together on a series of performances examining the physical boundaries of the individual, researching how to dissolve the I.

Prue Lang is a choreograpaher from Australia, she engages with environmental awareness and is the winner of numerous choreographic and eco technology awards. She was a dancer for William Forsythe and Meryl Tankard.

Georg Reischl danced for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, The Liz King ensemble in Heidelberg and the Frankfurt Ballet under William Forsythe.
 In 2006 he became the house choreographer for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.  With the Kollektiv, he created ‘evening’, ‘corpus spiritus’, ‘Serenade’ and ‘Golden trash’.

Stefan Dreher is a dancer and choreographer, he studied at the Folkwang school in Essen, his work connects dance and yoga and collaborates in different formations with choreographers, film makers and visual artists. In Munich 2002 he founded the collective “loving Lucy”.

Stephanie Thiersch is the founder and Artistic Director of Mouvoir, based in Köln her work is directed to the borderline of dance, performance and media arts.

Fabrice Mazliah is a dancer and choreographer, next to his work with The Forsythe Company he realises his own creations as part of MAMAZA for among others Mousonturm Frankfurt, the Forum Meyrin Geneva, Les Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales, Seine-Saint-Denis and the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

Michael Steinbusch is an architect and teaches at the TU Dresden he has worked with the Palucca Hochschule für Tanz in Dresden and the Motion Bank – his work examines the transitions between forms that unite knowledge and structure.

Gob Squad Sharon Smith & Simon Will are both core members of avant garde performance collective Gob Squad. “We try and explore the point where theatre meets art, media and real life”.

Vivienne Newport is one of the original protagonists of Pina Bausch in Wuppertal, in 1981 she was invited to Frankfurt to form her own group and since then has continued to make works for the stage and site specific situations.

Martin Sonderkamp is an expert on improvisation techniques, choreographer and co-director of the Masters program at the Zentrum für Zeitgenössichen Tanz, HfMT, Köln.

Katie Duck has a career spanning 35 years of improvisation performance projects with musicians and dancers from all over the world.



Tian Rotterveel Composer and choreographer working in Berlin. In his work he explores the specific characteristics of sound and movement, the combination between the two and their relationship with the surrounding world. Like a scientist, he dissects them, places them under a microscope and zooms in or very far out, with most surprising results. His work creates a new relationship between sound, movement and space: they become the echo or the origin of one another. Tian worked as a sound artist on the ‘wir wollen verschwinden’ production.

Ain Bailey is a London based sound artist, she graduated Goldsmiths with  MMus in Studio composition. She creates electroacoustic soundscapes. She joined us for KATALYST FESTIVAL and “Here is you and not me”

Ensemble Handwerk is a new music ensemble based in Köln, using everyday instruments and performing chamber music without a conductor they aim to generate more performances of brilliant new music.

Greg Haines is a composer based in Berlin. He performs around the world and creates dance music for David Dawson amoungst others. He composed the music for ‘approaching grace’ in 2009 and is currently working on the new production ‘Golden Trash’

Christopher Williams is a musician based in Berlin, he has accompanied improvisation workshops and performances with the MichaelDouglas Kollektiv.

Hans W. Koch is a composer and soundartist from Cologne, he performed in the ONE WEEK STAND | IMPROVISATION.

Jakob Rullhusen is a musician and producer living in Frankfurt, he performed in the ONE WEEK STAND | 32 X.



MRDE is a young creative design collective based in Dresden, crossing the boundaries between communication, architecture and design. The desinged the logo and website for the ZAIK.

Lucie Ortmannis a dramaturg working in the fields of theatre and dance and frequently collaborates with MichaelDouglas Kollektiv. Since the theatre season 2012/13 she is working at Niedersächsiche Staatstheater Hannover.

Benjamin Klunker is a Designer based in Berlin, he created the costumes for ‘corpus spiritus’.

Ellen Bornkessel is a photographer and video artist living in Cologne.

Nik van der Giesen  is a graphic designer based in Tokyo, he designed our Logo and website he also is the graphic designer for ‘on reality’.